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Timebank logoTimebanking is a way for people to come together to help others and help themselves at the same time.

In a Timebank you earn time credits by giving practical help and support to others. One hour of service given, earns you one credit. You can then exchange that credit for an hour of something that you need. In each case, everyone’s time is equal.

Why Timebanking?

TimeBanking takes the basic ideas of co-production. It builds on the fact that people naturally want to give back, to make a difference. This way, one good turn leads to another and another… and the needs of people are transformed into assets.

For individuals, it’s an opportunity to help others by sharing their skills and learning new ones. They have the freedom to choose their schedule and the kind of service exchanges. Besides, it’s a chance for them to meet people and create new relationships.

In communities, TimeBanking encourages cohesion and enables often unrecognised support provided within communities to be recognised as assets and celebrated.  Promoting a new way to get involved, it reaches people who wouldn’t generally involve. See the statistics.

For organisations Timebanking offers the opportunity to access and exchange resources that are often not fully utilised thereby offering a more efficient and cost effective way of working.

The cores values of Timebanking

Assests – The wealth of any society is its people. To utilise everyone in our community we must recognise that everyone has something of value to contribute.

Valuing Work Differently: We operate within the confines of the money economy, where everything can be defined by its value. Alongside this economy exists an invisible but equally important economic system – home, the family and the community. Both economies must be valued equally.

Reciprocity: Giving is a two way process, the question we need to consider is how can we help each other build the world we live in? People feel happier about asking for help when they know they can pay back.

Social Networks:  Helping each other through informal networks builds trust, support and strength; communities are built on these roots. Together we are stronger.

Respect: we need to accept people for where they are now, not where we want them to be or who we want them to be.

How can I get involved?

Timebanking recognises that everyone has something to offer and neither age nor mobility need exclude anyone. In Timebanking, everyone can be a member providing they accept that the cores values of the movement.

        Are you an individual?
> Sign up to a local Timebank.

        Are you an organization?
You can exchange skills and resources with other organizations.
> Find out about being a member of our Organisation to Organisation TB.

        Want to start your own Timebank?
To start all you need is a few like minded people who share a cause or vision and are willing to share their time to make things better.
> Find the tools and resources to create a Timebank.