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Complete Community Cultivation

based in Carrickfergus this conservation project aims to support older people in the community by encouraging older people with gardens that are difficult to maintain to ‘share’ a portion of their garden with an allotment member to grow food.  In exchange for this their garden will be maintained and they will receive half of the produce grown.

Aim of the Timebank:
Use social agricultural as a focus for building a strong and vibrant community.

Example of skills and resources share:
- Dog walking
- Loan for garden tolls, as well as the expertise and support in their usage.
- Lawn mowed
- Use of part of a garden for growing shared fruit and vegetables.
- Visit older isolated people at home
- Biodiversity talks relevant to parks and woodland
- Work groups where people come together around a common task such as cleaning a stretch of beach.

Networking  with:
Local school growing club
Carrickfergus Community Forum
Central Residents Association
Carrick Traders Association
Whitehead Transition Towns
Greenisland Community Association
The local University of the Third Age
The Carrick Art & Media Group
Carrickfergus Borough Older Persons Forum
Shelter Northern Ireland
Local NIHE
Borough Council

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