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Kircubbin Connections Timebank

Aim of the Timebank:
It provides the opportunity for members of the Kircubbin community to:
- support each other through completion of reciprocative tasks
- work together building vital support networks
- recognising individual assets amongst themselves.
- build respect in a cross cultural community.
- foster intergenerational exchanges
- spread the access to services for the older people
- address societal issues and provide flexible solutions

Example of skills share:
Grass cutting, cooking, sewing alterations, health/beauty treatments or transport assistance, reading and writing skills.

Pilot projects:
Lead of the development of the Timebank by a steering group of elderly person to work with all members of the community including the young people.

Networking with:
Community groups which helps to benefit the overall wellbeing of those living on the Peninsula.
The Public Health Agency
South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
Peace III
Ards Borough Council
Kircubbin Regeneration Committee
Rectory Park Residents Association
Churches Forum for the Peninsula
The Peninsula Youth Forum
NRG Youth project

Aim of the association which is responsible of the TB:
Peninsulta Healthy Living Partnership is a voluntary, community based organisation committed to health improvement through partnership community involvement, and promotion of healthy lifestyles. We interpret health in its broadest sense, looking at issues that affect the wider determinants not just lifestyle issues alone. For example, social and community problems, work and housing conditions, social-economic, cultural and environmental impacts have an effect on health and wellbeing.

Bringing services onto the Peninsula has been a key component of all our past and present work, Our work also includes development of a community gym and health programs, NRG youth program, physical outreach programs in rural isolated areas, Cuan FM-a community radio project and our E-café dropt in and IT suite which we are currently developing into an educational training facility,.

Contact details
Kirsty Menagh Kirsty-phlp@hotmail.co.uk 02842 739021
Address: 4 Church Grove - Kircubbin BT22 2SU


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