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Newtownstewart Time Trade

Aim of the Timebank:
- Increase the amount of volunteer work
- Encourage youth participation
- Work with older people and more marginalised people

Example of skills share:
baby sitting, budgeting, reflexology, plan wantering, gardening, washing/ ironing, bookkeeping, letter writing, moving heavy stuff, building work, car mechanics, cycle repairs, healing, web design, yoga ….

Workshops that are running in the TB: (some of them open to children)
Origami, card making, drop spindle spinning/ sewing, sourdough bread making, make a nature album, encaustix wax pictures, creating mandalas, baking, ceramic leaf making, yoga, christams craft, creative writing.

 Newtownsteart Time TradePilot projects:
The Timebank has been extended to develop a Childrens Timebank. Children have been involved in assisting with environmental projects such as clearing the allotments and growing vegetables. 

Children earn credits for participating. To enable the children to spend their credits in a safe environment other members of the Timebank have been developing and delivering classes for the children, further enabling members to utilize their skills.  These have included: Origami, sour dough making, art classes, nature walks.  Volunteer Now have provided support to Newtownstewart Time Trade in best practice regarding Child Protection.

Special events:
Coffee mornings for older people

Aim of the association which is responsible of the TB:
Rural North West Community Support works to five main aims:
- Empowering the voice of rural communities
- Champion excellence in community development practise
- Develop civic leadership in rural communities through a community development approach
- Actively work towards an equitable and peaceful society and
- Promote the sustainable development or rural communities.

They support 50 members groups in the community and voluntary sector with start-up support advice and mentoring in areas such as committee skills, god practice, equality and inclusion. The groups they support vary in terms of their needs and address issues such as cancer support in rural communities, early years and child care, cross community peace building, social economy, sport, arts, dram and culture and dance and music and care of the most vulnerable elderly.

Contact details:
Katie Rutledge katie@greystonefarmni.org 028 816 62588
Address: 23 Main Street - Newtown Stewart / BT78 Omagh


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