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The Lighthouse Centre

The Lighthouse Centre in Belfast is a wellness centre with a ‘Pay it Forward’ café in the Cave hill area of Belfast.  Over the year the Lighthouse Centre intend to develop their Timebank to serve the community acting as a hub for local residents to come together to share their skills to enable more support and services for the area.  People will also be able to earn time credits helping out in the café and by supporting the delivery of health and wellbeing workshops.  People will also be able to spend their time credits participating in training and workshops offered by the Centre. 

Timebank Lighthouse Centre


Aim of the Timebank:
- Recognise people as assets
- Re-define volunteering
- Promote reciprocity and overcome isolation through community engagement
- Build social networks
- Build respect and self esteem
- Develop understanding between people from different backgrounds, religions and cultures

Pilot projects:
Pay it Forward Café
Community vegetable garden

Networking with:
British Royal Academy
L’arche Community
North Belfast community

Aim of the association which is responsible of the TB:
The Lighthouse Centre is a healing centre that is dedicated to making healing practices, transformational opportunities and personal development tools as accessible as possible to people who may benefit from these services. We offer a wide range of services including:
- Yoga and meditation classes
- Complementary therapies
- Personal development workshops
- Counselling and coaching
- Community café run by volunteers
- Learning disability wellness nights and personal safety programme

Contact details
Siobhan Bogues siobhanbogues73@gmail.com 07850 867349
Address: Cavehill Road Belfast - Co Antrim BT15 5BJ



Timebank Lighthouse Centre

Timebank Lighthouse CentreTimebank Lighthouse Centre


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