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Zero Waste North West

Members of the zero waste group have a background in community involvement. One of their key aims is to learn about developing a new community system – using coproduction and timebanking as the operating model. 

The project will launch with a book club and based on that project objectives will be identified. The book club is seen as a non threatening way to open up ideas.  From this a person to person Timebank will be developed allowing members to exchange skills. Members will also be able to earn credits through a person to organisation model by delivering presentations to groups and colleges about zero waste and alternative energy resources .  

It is anticipated that the initial core will open up their social networks. Members will earn credits by talking to local businesses encouraging them and presenting them with options to reduce their waste and from this learning and partnership working it is anticipated that Zero Waste will be able to identify future campaigns. Sustainability is key to this project.

Aim of the Timebank:
- Motivate people to become involved
- Connective them to find solution about creative ways to use resources which otherwise are wasted;
- Support their contributions in environmental activities;
- Expanding the range of services to meet the community Rosemount’s needs

Example of skills and resources share:
Giving lift, shopping, decorating, simple home repairs, gardening or housework, social event, teaching…
And more:
- Environment involvement: promotion of the benefit of food recycling collected of item and sold for recycling or reuse, group clean-up and resource sorting.
- Leisure facilities: entrance to the swimming pool and Leisure Centre

Pilot project:
ZW Rosemount Food to Compost Timebank will erect a compost tumbler at the Nassau Crescent Community Garden. Members of the group will engage with the 14 households in Nasseau Crescent by doing door to door explaining the benefits of food recycling. Each household will be offered a food caddy which will be paid with time credits as the rate of one hour’s work for one credit. The groupe will continue meeting fornightly to share ideas, review progress and continue developing and expanding links with other organisations.

Networking with:
Rosemount Ressource Centre
Glenview Community Centre
Creggan Entreprises
Derry Credit union
William St Swimming Pool
Brooke Park Leisure Centre
Limavady Community Development Initiative (LCDI)
4Rs project in nearby Pennyburn
Nassay Crescent Community Garden
Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Aim of the association which is responsible of the TB:
Zero Waste North West (ZWNW) formed in March 2013 because of concerns about the environmental and human health implications of a proposed gasification (energy from waste) plant in Strathfoyle, just outside Derry City. In the nine months since then, ZWNW volunteers have been gathering research on waste management policy and practice throughout the world. We have shared this information at public meetings and film screenings; through newspaper and radio interviews; in presentations to relevant public bodies and in response to consultations on waste management.

One of the priorities in 2014 will be establishment of practical community-led zero waste projects which will serve as a models for an alternative approach to resource management.

Contact details
Marian Farewell marianfarrel@mac.com 07834707496
Address: 28 Grafton St Rosemount - Derry BT480ER


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